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The economy ‘gets nearly £13 back for every £1 spent’ on the Union Learning Fund

New research has found the Union Learning Fund to be "expert" at upskilling the workforce, but the government still wants to scrap it.

Unions on the spending review: Prepare to ‘level down’

Union leaders have blasted Rishi Sunak's attempt to employ "divide and rule" policies in yesterday's spending review.

Patel “bullied” staff, inquiry concludes

Inquriy head, Sir Alex Allan, has resigned from his post after Boris Johnson refused to act against the Home Secretary.

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IER experts submit fair recovery plan to Labour Party policy forum

IER experts have submitted 41 recommendations to transform the world of work.

Research: UK’s attitude to health and safety among the worst in Europe

The UK’s commitment to ILO health and safety standards exceeds only that of Romania and Estonia among all EU Member States.