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ILO warns increased push for good quality jobs only way out of “unparalleled” employment crisis

A shortfall of work that extends for years after the world recovers from Covid-19 is expected to drive the creation of poor-quality jobs.

NHS needs £102bn funding increase, economists and doctors warn

The UK is lagging behind other developed economies in terms of population health as a result of austerity and other policy decisions, experts warn.

Covid-19 presents opportunity to reduce inequality, IFS says

Having laid the entrenched inequalities of UK society bare, the current crisis presents an opportunity to take action against them.

Schools dismiss govt instruction to reopen

Teachers are not confident that the workplace can be properly made safe.

Nearly a third of Britons earning less due to Coronavirus

The incomes of nearly a third of British workers have been cut due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Unions win argument on day one sick pay during Coronovirus outbreak, but govt ignores millions of precarious workers

Repeated calls from UK unions for the government to provide sick pay from day one of absence for workers forced to self-isolate have won out.

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